Testimonial by Renee Z, February 27, 2012

Dr Eingorn is a masterful healer and has saved me from the brink of distaster on multiple occassions. He "cured" the 2 herniated discs in my neck more than a decade ago using a pulley system and a neck brace. Since then, I have been in a pretty major car accident (not my fault) , a downhill roller blading accident (my fault) and had multiple slip and falls (ok, so maybe I'm a little clutsy) and my neck issues have not resurfaced to any significant degree. I used to be immobilized when a swinging door would hit my hand too hard or I would turn my head too fast to face someone.

More recently, he saved me with a most remarkable machine, the DRX9000. OMG!!! I blew out 2 discs in my lumbar region and was in excrutiating pain!! As soon as Dr Eingorn saw the MRI results he knew what had to be done. That DRX9000 machine is miraculous. After one treatment with the DRX 9000, I was already feeling better. By the time I completed the treatment I was having NO PAIN! I wish the insurance companies would realize how much money we would all (them too) would be saving if people would get these treatments (chiropractic, DRX9000, etc) to PREVENT major injuries and certainly to prevent major surgeries!

Thank you Dr Eingorn!

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