Testimonial by Parker Kindred, February 7, 2014

I've been a Patient of Dr. Alex Eingorn for 10 years now. Dr Eingorn has done absolutely nothing wrong and Everything RIGHT in all this time. I have thought many times, after injuring myself or some other bizarre symptoms arising, that my life was going to be dramatically compromised. Dr. Eingorn has dispelled my concerns with treatments and with knowledge . Dr Eingorn has has a very caring, inquisitive, intuitive, holistic approach. He knows much about eastern and western medical practices and has no problem in fact helping me find,if needed, outside help to ensure what is best not only for our Dr , patient relationship but also what is best for the over all mind , body and spirit of his patients. I feel more secure knowing I have found, not only the greatest chiropractor in NYC , but a true friend that I can trust. To me, that is worth more than these words can express. Thank you Dr Eingorn. Namaste.

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