Testimonial by Natalia M., August 25, 2011

The moment you walk into Better Health Chiropractic Center you can't help but notice a sudden feeling of peace, calm and relaxation.. all stress just slowly seems to dissipate.. And then you're greeted by the warm smile of Dr. Alex Eingorn, and you just know that you're in good hands!

I have known Dr. Eingorn for over 15 years and I have seen him do wonders for my own Mother whose list of back/neck/hips/knees problems is endless. In my family Dr. Eingorn is known as the Savior because he expertly knows how to bring you back to life as you knew it prior to any ailments...  and he does it with highest professionalism and loving care!

Many years of continued success to Dr. Eingorn and the entire team at Better Health!

With much respect and gratitude,

Natalia M.
Yoga Therapist/Integrative Therapist