I have known Dr. Eingorn for over 20 years now and recommended countless friends to visit his office, not one reported negatively. In fact quite the opposite! Everyone marvels on the quality of treatment and knowledge of Dr. Eingorn as well as the friendly and professional environment of his office. In my personal experience as a patient I can affirm I have consistently received top quality care, with careful explanations on what's going on and clear directions. Always worked! His holistic approach makes all the sense in the world and following instructions have been easy and with positive results. I used to be afraid of chiropractic manipulations, and now I see myself totally relaxed during my sessions. Dr. Eingorn is a very caring, kind and friendly man. My understanding of health is largely due to my interactions with him. I know Im in excellent hands!
I am dealing with a bone spur in my cervical spine that is compressing my esophagus. It affects my ability to lecture to my classes and eat solid food during the work week, but I was hesitant to sign up for spine surgery and tired of eating a liquid diet (soups, yogurt, etc.) I was willing to try anything to be able to continue teaching. I was so nervous when I first walked in to my first chiropractor appointment but Dr. Eingorn quickly set my mind at ease. We spent time looking at my films and discussing my history before he asked if it would be okay for him to do an adjustment. I started intensive treatments in May of 2013 and have continued on until this day. I am excited to say that have been able to eat more solid food and am hopeful that I will continue to improve. Thank you for everything Dr. Eingorn.
I've been a Patient of Dr. Alex Eingorn for 10 years now. Dr Eingorn has done absolutely nothing wrong and Everything RIGHT in all this time. I have thought many times, after injuring myself or some other bizarre symptoms arising, that my life was going to be dramatically compromised. Dr. Eingorn has dispelled my concerns with treatments and with knowledge . Dr Eingorn has has a very caring, inquisitive, intuitive, holistic approach. He knows much about eastern and western medical practices and has no problem in fact helping me find,if needed, outside help to ensure what is best not only for our Dr , patient relationship but also what is best for the over all mind , body and spirit of his patients. I feel more secure knowing I have found, not only the greatest chiropractor in NYC , but a true friend that I can trust. To me, that is worth more than these words can express. Thank you Dr Eingorn. Namaste.
I have been seeing Dr. Alex Eingorn for over 17 years now. I can't praise him enough! I had severe scoliosis as a child and all other doctors wanted me to have corrective surgery to straighten my spine with rods. My parents resisted thankfully, and Dr. Eingorn helped me, with a series of exercises and regular visits, to lower the degrees of curvature so that I was no longer a surgical case anymore. I am forever grateful for his help and healing hands, and will continue to see him for the rest of my life!
Dr Eingorn has been treating my plantar faciiatis since early June with SCENAR and I feel nearly healed. Pretty amazing progress in 3-4 months. This is a problem that takes most a minimum of 8 months to recover from. I'm very pleased with the service and the treatment.

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