Dr. Eingorn is a Healer with a capital "H," someone who truly listens and treats the whole person rather than just the spine. When I first came to him 6 years ago, I suffered from such debilitating back spasms that I sometimes lay on the floor for hours without being able to get up. I lived in fear of sneezing, coughing, or bending over. Dr. Eingorn looked at my MRI and told me I had one ruptured and two herniated discs in my lumbar spine. If I wanted to avoid surgery, he suggested I try the DRX (decompression) machine. The course of treatments was 100% effective, and I was able to return to my yoga practice (with a bit of advice from Dr. E on how NOT to do a spinal twist). I now see him for occasional tune-ups. I could not recommend him more highly and do so at every opportunity! Many friends have thanked me for it.
While I initially went to Dr. Eingorn for scoliosis management, over the years he has helped me in many additional areas, from other health related issues to legal advice! He is knowledgable in so many ways, and eager to share his wealth of information. He is a patient advocate, he is a healer, and he has always treated me with the utmost care, as one would imagine he'd treat a member of his own family. Above all, and most importantly, he is trustworthy.
I have been a patient of Dr. Eingorn's for just over a year, primarily in his care using scenar therapy for a wrist injury which has been debilitating. Other methods for treatment had failed to give me the relief I received with scenar. Recently, Dr. Eingorn has been treating me for cervical, thoracic and lumbar degenerative discs. He has taken the time and effort to review recent MRI results in order to offer better solutions to these ongoing problems. It is rare these days to find someone who understands conventional, holistic and alternative methods with which to treat patients. Dr. Eingorn's calm demeanor, caring and concern for the wellbeing of his patients adds to the success of the treatment. I would heartily recommend him to anyone seeking answers. Mayda Abrams
From the moment you enter the office you feel in good hands. Dr. Eingorn is one of the most knowedgeble, professional and carrying docotor I have ever met. He took his time to talk to me, to explain what to expect, to guid me through. I never felt rushed or that any of my questions were not important. Thank you very much for your care and help:)
I have known Dr. Eingorn for over 20 years now and recommended countless friends to visit his office, not one reported negatively. In fact quite the opposite! Everyone marvels on the quality of treatment and knowledge of Dr. Eingorn as well as the friendly and professional environment of his office. In my personal experience as a patient I can affirm I have consistently received top quality care, with careful explanations on what's going on and clear directions. Always worked! His holistic approach makes all the sense in the world and following instructions have been easy and with positive results. I used to be afraid of chiropractic manipulations, and now I see myself totally relaxed during my sessions. Dr. Eingorn is a very caring, kind and friendly man. My understanding of health is largely due to my interactions with him. I know Im in excellent hands!

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