Asthma is a chronic lung disease that narrows the airways, making it difficult for the affected person to breathe properly. It can be a frustrating and stressful condition for children and adults alike, and while there is no cure, many people achieve moments of relief with the help of inhalers, steroids and other types of prescription drugs. Still, there may be alternative treatment options available.

Asthma can be triggered by a number of environmental factors including weather conditions, high temperatures, very cold temperatures, high humidity and general allergies from cut grass, ragweed or pollen. Infections such as the flu or cold virus can also trigger asthma symptoms. Too much physical exertion which encourages heavy breathing often leads to an asthma attack, so sufferers must be careful with the types of exercises and sports they participate in. Dust and fumes in the home are other common triggers for asthma sufferers, so many sufferers need to keep their homes as free of dust and other irritants as much as possible.

While some asthma sufferers report immediate results from chiropractic treatments, others may experience a more gradual recovery. According to, an improvement in asthma symptoms may take several months, and the patient would need to be evaluated and continue with prescribed medications. Light spinal thrusts and cervical adjustments may help some people improve asthma symptoms and reduce the frequency of asthma attacks.
While chiropractic treatment is often sought after for back pain, many medical professionals believe that chiropractic care can be used to improve symptoms related to various disorders and diseases. Improving nervous system functioning can help to increase overall well-being and promote healthy breathing. Although it has not been extensively documented, asthma sufferers may benefit from a weekly chiropractic treatment, or frequent chiropractic treatments.

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