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Today I was wondering why the dolphins were considered the happiest species on earth. Except, I suppose when they are bludgeoned en masse by some groups in the hope to achieve maturity through this senseless act. Then it struck me: "Do they ever bother to question and judge other's actions and, most importantly, motives? We do. Mostly. I wonder if the dolphins ever lose trust. Happiness is lost when thoughts of envy or hatred creep in. Why is there no happiness sometimes without PRADA?

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Point of reference

Any event can fall into one of three categories: Neutral Happy Sad Take, for example, a cat eating a mouse. For the mouse it is sad. For the cat it is very happy. For an observer, who cares neither about the mouse nor the cat, it is neutral. So, everything is a matter of perception, a point, or reference. Change your point of reference, and you see a totally different picture. Mantras help you change your point of reference.

Mantra for the day: औं सत्यं शिवं सुंदरम Truly count your blessings and see the beauty of the world around you!

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Better Health: Let's talk Ethics

Somehow I feel like blogging about ethics. If there is such a thing left in this world. I get asked often by patients to "take care of my deductable", by filing fraudulent claims. It is something that has been done in every industry, including but not limited to healthcare, since the beginning of business, I think. Do one thing, and bill for something else. Who's gonna know? In those cases I always will reply with my standard answer: "Sure, I'd love to share a jail cell with you!". The point is, is that even if noone finds out, you're still putting your soul in jail.

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Let's talk Healh

WHO's constitution defines Health as... "A state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

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Blogging is harder than I though. Exhale. Get Adjusted. I'll be back online soon.

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First attempt at blogging

Blogging is really new for me. It's almost like exposing some of your vulnerability to the world at large. But what drove me to do this is persistent request from my patients, because, apparently I have a lot to say that is of value. Its seems like this is a good way to ask questions and present ideas. Ideas I have.

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