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Paariddaati - suurender without effort

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Mantra for today

सत्यं शिवं सुन्दरं

AUM SAT’YAM (truth that never changes)  SHIVAM (auspicious) SU’NDRM (beauty)

Truth, the one that never changes or lies. The soul or essence. Auspicious, beautiful (the beauty of knowing the truth that sets you free). Count your blessings by saying this mantra. Be thankful for what you have and notice the beauty of the world around you. It will help you connect to that energy and multiply it.

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The Adjustment

Let's talk about adjustments.

We all have to adjust to things in this life, no? I would like to talk about the Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment. In my humble opinion, having your spine professionally realigned regularly is a necessity. It's just like brushing your teeth. Once you fix a cavity, do you then stop brushing? Or you just brush the ones you want to keep?

Laughter and Peace to all

Nadia Alhuraimi a reporter based in New York for AlArabiya TV, one of the leading news channels in the Arab World would like to film a segment and interview us about Laughter Yoga, and our movement for Peace. This is an amazing opportunity to tell the world about what positive change Laughter Yoga is capable of. Please show up on Monday to HOHOHAHAHA and the Peace Prayer. As Dr. Kataria said: ”When we laugh, we change. And when we change – the world around us changes.”

Laughter and Peace,


Anecdotal Evidence

I was talking to an old friend of mine this evening. He is 70. I often wish that I possessed one tenth of the stamina and the positive energy that he projects. He is a cardio-thoracic surgeon, cardiologist, MD, DO, and one of the pioneers of the Integrative Medicine movement. We got onto the subject of modern medicine as we know it here in the States. I had to tell him about Obecalp. Bad mistake. Look it up, it's a really scary drug!

Magic Within

I am constantly reminded about the magic that we all carry within ourselves. That is the magic of Life and our capacity for self correction and repair. Dr. Albert Schweitzer, a 1953 nobel laureate said: “Each patient carries his own doctor inside him. They come to us not knowing that truth. We are at our best when we give the doctor who resides within each patient a chance to go to work.”

Lunar Year of the White Rabbit


Happy Lunar Year of the White Rabbit to all of you who bother to read this unpredictable blog! Promise to leave you with a gift of value at some point of this. All this talk about 2012 and Global Warming. If you are in New York City, by now I hope that you'd want your money back form the Nobel Prize Committee. This is a non political website. Enugh said.


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