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Q:  Guruji, what do we tell people that have been through a calamity?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar:  Tell them to give all their worries to me. Disasters and calamities also have a positive side to them. They bring people together. There is a new creation after every calamity. Nothing is permanent. In every crisis there is an opportunity. The Chinese word for crisis contains the word opportunity in it. Every crisis reminds you to smile, makes you aware of the impermanence of everything, even ourselves. So instead of sitting and blaming, let's see how we can move forward, rebuild and help others.

Amazing Gymnast Performance!!!

Mantra for the next 26 hours:

प्रयत्न  शिथिल

PR’YA’TNA (effort), SHAITHI’L’A (in a relaxed way)