The Adjustment

Let's talk about adjustments.

We all have to adjust to things in this life, no? I would like to talk about the Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment. In my humble opinion, having your spine professionally realigned regularly is a necessity. It's just like brushing your teeth. Once you fix a cavity, do you then stop brushing? Or you just brush the ones you want to keep?

Adjusting your spine is like rebooting tour computer. It clears the cache, and the "temporary files", which, if left there, will lead to unnecessary tension and stress on your muscles and joints. In turn, this will create irritation to your nerves, and ultimately, general system imbalance. Everyone needs to get chiropractic adjustments at regular intervals. Think of your body as you would of a car. Granted, we are not cars. We are human beings, with souls and feelings and all the other baggage. Nevertheless, our physical body is very much like a car. It's a very sophisticated biological machine. Bio - Yes! Logical - We hope!! If you happen to drive your car to the train station and back home every day for 5 minutes, you will only need to take it in for servicing and maintenance every few months. However, if you have a race car, and you expect it to win your races, you need to constantly "tinker" with it,and be mindful about the fine tuning of all the parts to work together smoothly and infallible every time, no? I find that practicing yoga regularly greatly reduces the need for frequent adjusting, for example. Nevertheless, even the most avid yoga practitioners benefit greatly from some tuning and "tweaking" every few months.

Anecdotally, my patients will report other positive side effects of Spinal adjusting, other than pain relief. These may vary from improved brain function, to getting fewer colds, allergies, and having better digestion. As a Chiropractor,I cannot legally make any specific claims, like Tylenol for Migraine, but it is obvious to me that a better working Spinal Column leads to  better communication between the almighty brain ant the constantly challenged body.

The Spinal Adjustment is a very profound neurophysiological process, which allows your nature to express its potential. We now know that the human DNA is preferentially able and willing to change and adapt to the more beneficial external stimuli, when these are repeated regularly for a period of time. And thus we evolve.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against medications. Let's face it, without penicillin half the world would be dying of Syphilis by now, but there needs to be a better integration between all the different healing arts today, and Chiropractic must be a part of everyone's agenda, if we are to have any hope for a healthier species today and, most importantly, tomorrow.

Please call your Chiropractor for this. No other health care provider understands the Human Spine as well as that, and no one else has the training and the passion for the Human Spine to that degree. It's not Panacea, as there is no one therapy alone that can offer complete Absolution, only an integral part of the formula.

Mantra for the day:

सर्वे  सन्तु सुखिनः

May we all be Healthy!