Lunar Year of the White Rabbit


Happy Lunar Year of the White Rabbit to all of you who bother to read this unpredictable blog! Promise to leave you with a gift of value at some point of this. All this talk about 2012 and Global Warming. If you are in New York City, by now I hope that you'd want your money back form the Nobel Prize Committee. This is a non political website. Enugh said. I have finally accepted the notion that everything in this physical world is vibrational. On every level. I'm still trying to discover how to ride the waves. Maybe surfing is the answer? My daughter wants really badly to learn how to surf. For me, it's Wing Chun and Yoga. But then again, at my advanced years, I should probably just stick to that. Mantras are very vibrational. We, as a species were given the consciously controlled gift of voice for a reason. Nothing is waisted. We are often led to believe that there is a pill for any uncomfortable feeling or inclination. We must, as I had discovered, face our "uncomfortable" at some point, if we are to grow.

Mantra for today: औं बलं आत्म बलं

Aum balam atma balam, if you must :) It means: "Real strength comes from within the soul" Stay well adjusted