Better Health: Let's talk Ethics

Somehow I feel like blogging about ethics. If there is such a thing left in this world. I get asked often by patients to "take care of my deductable", by filing fraudulent claims. It is something that has been done in every industry, including but not limited to healthcare, since the beginning of business, I think. Do one thing, and bill for something else. Who's gonna know? In those cases I always will reply with my standard answer: "Sure, I'd love to share a jail cell with you!". The point is, is that even if noone finds out, you're still putting your soul in jail. Ever read "Crime and Punishment"? Dotoyevsky. According to the Maya we are now coming through the period of Ethics. My father, who just turned 79, bless his heart, came in for an adjustment a few days ago and informed me that recordings of his performances (Xylophone virtuoso) were being sold, unbeknownst to him, all over the worlds through the internet. "You must find a good lawyer and sue!" he said. Logistically, in today's world, it is just plain nit practical. Welcome to feeling like all of those great artists that are being ripped off. I told him that he should think about it in a different way: "You have just been immortalized in cyberspace!" What an honor. By the way, his name is Michael Eingorn, or Misha. He really was a true virtuoso of Xylophone. The Brahma Kumaris says: "Real power and authority is not power and authority over others, but over self. I hope that leaves you today with something of value (as intended) to take away. Till the next time, Get adjusted

Today's Mantra: औं यथा अस्ति तथा अस्ति It is what it is

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