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What Are Fiber Drinks And How Do I Choose One?

Do you consume 25 to 30 grams of fiber per day? The majority of Americans don't. You might associate extra fiber with seniors, but the truth is that many of us can benefit from taking in some extra fiber.

You may have noticed the "Subway Mantras" recently. In spite of the book being very short (probably 10 minutes cover to cover), it is really a workbook, and it may take some time to truly appreciate the power of the ancient technology that it presents. It was not a frivolous project as it took almost ten years. It all started when I sheepishly said to my teacher Shree Vinayak, while doing yoga, "I wish I could read Sanskrit", to which he replied: "Very easi, I teach you". That, he did.

Herniated Disc: Conservative Treatment NYC

What forms of non surgical treatment do you use for disc herniations?

Herniated Disc Consultation Appointment for New Patients

Dr. Eingorn is a chiropractor who treats patients with spinal injuries and ailments, such as herniated discs. He provides comprehensive evaluations and care in order to better ensure that all issues are addressed in the most effective manner.

What is the DRX 9000 | Herniated Disc Treatments NYC | 646-553-1884

What is the DRX9000 and how is it used to treat herniated discs?

Herniated Disc Conservative Treatments NYC

The term "conservative treatment" means that the treatment used to address an issue, such as a herniated disc in the lower back, is non surgical in nature and consists of other alternatives such as injections, medications, and physical therapy.

Herniated Disc Treatment NYC: Non Surgical Treatment Explained

What You Should Know About Herniated Discs

herniated disc nyc dont know have herniated disc

Is it possible that you have a disc herniation and you don't know it?

Not experiencing any pain? You may still be living with a herniated disc!

Herniated discs are widely known as highly painful and for good reason. Many people experience significant pain that can make usual activity difficult or even impossible. While this is certainly considered the norm, believe it or not, there are some individuals who experience disc herniation without any symptoms at all.

New York Herniated Disc Chiropractic Appointment 646-553-1884

Dr. Eingorn at Better Health Chiropractic, treats patients with chronic or acute pain due to slipped discs, herniations, or other spinal issues and conditions. This includes a wide range of back and neck injuries, from bulging and herniated discs, and related problems.


What is a herniated disc?

Disc herniation occurs when the very tough, but flexible ring that surrounds a thick gelatinous center becomes damaged leading to bulges and/or ruptures. While herniated discs do not always necessarily cause symptoms, they are usually and often quite painful. Some of the most common symptoms associated with disc herniation include weakness, numbness, and pain in the lower back, buttocks, and legs.


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