Treating common illnesses and constructing a SCENAR course

SCENAR Training, New York City, February 22-24, 2013

From February 22th to February 24th, 2013, you have a unique opportunity to meet with Dr. Subbotina (Scenar Academy) in person. Training will take place in Better Health Chiropractic Clinic from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Dr. Subbotina seminar will show you formulas and combinations to use in many situations in your practice: • To teach these formulas (or the principles of their formation) so that you can carry out SCENAR procedures • The formation of illness is based on equal principles and any recovery has the same rules • We can use these rules to build and construct a SCENAR course 1 Concepts of energy - information medicine: health, adaptation, disease, healing laws 2. Principles of the building and designing of the procedures during SCENAR course: sequence of the choice of the methods following healing rules and hierarchy principles 3. Groups of the methods: - drainage methods (cleaning methods, lymph drainage, excretion organ projection - energy methods (meridians treatment, chakras methods, energy points, joints treatment) - mental methods (craniotherapy, 6 points, monad method, mental triangles, mental spirals, 6 Points on the face and on the abdomen) -adaptation system methods and local treatments (new approach) 4. Princples of the end of SCENAR course (energy ellipses, daily energy method, vaccinations) We believe this important SCENAR event will help all participants to enhance their knowledge and gain new techniques to apply in their practice.

Download Flyer: SCENAR Training, New York City, February 22-24, 2013

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