Alex Eingorn, DC, Elected President of the Newly Formed Scenar Professional Association of North America (SPANA)

The Scenar Professional Association of North America elected its inaugural President on Monday 5th December; Dr Alex Eingorn, a chiropractor practicing in Manhattan. Dr Eingorn announced that the main goal for 2012 will be to educate health professionals about the benefit of Scenar technology and how it can be used to treat acute, chronic and as an adjunct therapy for post- operative pain.

“It is time that Scenar technology is recognized as an indispensable tool for any health practitioner that have patients in pain” Eingorn said in his opening comments to the Association membership. There is strong interest in the professional use of Scenar as well as the private sector where people are looking to heal themselves in an expedient, effective & inexpensive way”.

Scenar technology is an innovative non- invasive electrotherapy that utilizes the body’s innate healing ability and internal chemistry to deliver immediate, natural pain relief. The new peer led Association will set standards for training, endorse training organizations and seek to introduce Scenar technology into mainstream medical education.