Interfaith Harmony & World Peace Fair & Festival - 2011

For the first time in the history of humankind, people from more than 100 countries, speaking 167 natural languages, believing in contrasting religious and cultural values, and originating from diverse spiritual sources, are converging in Jackson Heights to celebrate Interfaith Harmony and World Peace. The primary purpose of the festival is for the people to understand, appreciate, and learn about the diverse social, linguistic, religious, and cultural backgrounds of their human brethren. By commemorating this special day, people are building a more peaceful and harmonious world for their beloved children and yet-to-be-born grandchildren in Jackson Heights. Jackson Heights Indian Merchants Association, Jackson Heights Bangladesh Business Associations, Jewish Center of Jackson Heights, Muhammadi Community Center of Jackson Heights, Ethical Humanist Society of Queens, Bible Baptist Church of Jackson Heights, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Queens, and many other organizations and community leaders are joining hands to make the 1st Annual Interfaith and World Peace Fair & Festival a memorable and historic event for years to come. Please join us to celebrate the unique diversity of the human race on this special day. Despite its drudgery, self-destructive wickedness, sham, and futility, the world is still a beautiful place for all of us to live in because of our inherent ability to appreciate and love each other.